What does lifestyle even mean?

My newborn photography is focused on welcoming your new baby into the family and home. Life as a new parent (or adding a new sibling to your family) can be crazy, but these sessions are relaxed and fun! Throughout a lifestyle session of any kind, you are documenting your life; wand I am working to capture what you feel is important. With a newborn session, everything revolves around the baby. If she's hungry, feed her. If she needs to be held and rocked, hold and rock her! We can even plan for her first bath, a walk outside, or anything special you'd like. When it comes to posing the baby and your family, most of the photos are more true to nature (sometimes referred to as candid) and typically babies aren't put in too extreme of props of poses. This means no"froggy poses" but instead, beautiful and natural poses.

How do I prepare my family and the baby?

First of all, keep in mind that my newborn sessions can last up to 90 minutes, just depending on baby's temperament and things don't always go as planned and that is to be expected. You'll want to plan around naps and feedings the best you can. Keep your newborn awake prior to my arrival and plan on feeding right before your session, even as I am setting up as to get her nice and sleepy. Remember, its okay if baby needs to eat later on! (In fact, some mamas like to include this in their photographs.) Siblings will not be part of all the session, they will need breaks, but preparing them just by letting them know I will be coming in is great! I welcome bribes!

What should we wear?

Whites, neutrals, pastels and muted colors photograph beautifully. Layers can be really beautiful for mom. Some families chose to dress up a little more, but because the sessions are typically in home, you won't want to go overboard (hold the suits and ties!) Dads can wear jeans and button up or t-shirt.

Baby in a short white sleeve onesie but wrap up in a blanket for me. I'll have the wraps ready! Set aside swaddles, props, name tags, bows, hats. If you have fresh flowers those can be really fun to add in too!

Siblings can bring in some color or stay more neutral. Bloomers or shorts under girls dresses are important!

You'll want to avoid busy patterns and logos, or things that are too neon looking or bold. This will be distracting and take away from your newborn.

How do I prepare my home?

It's not necessary to have a Pinterest worthy home to have a successful newborn session! You don’t need to totally rearrange, but removing clutter and items you don’t want photographed is a good idea! Less is more. Clear space (throw it in the closet for all I care, photographers shouldn't be lurking in there!) and try to open up the areas we will be photographing in. Remove the large cups of water from the hospital and stash away the breast pump for time being.

Typically we choose 1-2 rooms; one being the nursery. Even if baby is not sleeping in the nursery it's great to capture photos in the space.

Consider swapping out bedding & curtains for white/neutral colors. Rooms with the most natural light (windows) photograph best, I can help find those for you!

Note: Keep the home warmer than normal. If you have a space heater that is MAGIC in the rooms we are photographing in. Babies like to be warm!

What exactly will we be doing?

Depending on what you respond in your questionnaire, we will rotate between photos of the baby on his/her own, photos with parents, and photos of the entire family. Some are posed, but most are photos of everyone interacting with the baby.

You may chose to incorporate activities like giving baby a bath, feeding/nursing the baby, reading a book, or even going on a small walk outside. Let me know ahead of time if you'd like to plan out something like this!

When do I book a session?

You will want to secure your session as soon as you are comfortable letting your photographer know you are pregnant; sometimes they offer packages for maternity and newborn! More importantly, they will need to block off time around your due date and then you can start to plan your session outfits and rooms. I typically shoot within the week of your baby's arrival to really capture that newborn stage because baby's change SO fast! Sometimes, circumstances prevent photographing within that time-frame ( for example; one of my clients was born during the beginning of COVID and had to be postponed and my own son was in the NICU for a week!) but still plan the session, and keep the line of communication open! Baby's are unpredictable and that's expected!

You've got this. As a mom of three little ones myself, I've seen a LOT and felt allll the feels. Besides being your photographer, I hope to be there for you as you enter in this new phase of life!