So you want to plan out the perfect proposal? Let's go over my top tips!

Ezra reached out to me to photograph his proposal to Hannah and we immediately set forth a super sneaky plan! Hannah is also a photographer, so not only did Ezra know she would want this moment photographed, he also knew he had to be extra thoughtful so she wouldn't catch on. We planned out all the details together so here they are!

Number One: Scout, scout, scout!

You need to go with your client ahead of time to scout out the perfect spot. Ezra and I went a week early and spent quite awhile hiking around until we decided on a spot we both loved! I personally think this is a non-negotiable, so make sure you account for this in your pricing. This isn't just for pretty photos, this is about logistics! Where will the proposer be and what direction will they be facing? Consider where the sun will be and where their faces will be during the proposal.

Number two: The Hiding Spot

Do you need to hide? Or can you act like a casual passerby? Funny enough, in these photos even AFTER I started taking photos Hannah didn't notice me at all! This is actually very common because the person is so laser focused on what's happening in front of them. However, I was wedged between two rocks for quite awhile until I got the cue..(see next paragraph!)

Number three: Discuss timing and cues

Your client likely won't be able to call or text you, so develop a system for communication and be very clear on timing. You definitely need to be there early and before they get there! Some sort of head nod, code word (if you're in earshot), tying a shoe, a hug, ANYTHING to signal that the proposal is about to happen! Ezra told me they'd be sharing some journal writings and then they'd stand up and he'd give her a hug. The hug was my signal to get ready, and good thing because I couldn't hear a thing!

Number four: Consider a second shooter

This is one of those moments you cannot re-create, therefore it's high pressure and a second shooter comes insanely handy. Not only can they capture a different angle, they are a back-up in case something happens to you and you miss the moment! No one likes to think of these things but they need to be considered. Again, include this in your pricing.

Number five: Surprise engagement session

Do your clients want an engagement session afterwards? Usually the person being proposed to is so excited they say yes! Have the proposer pack outfits and make-up for a surprise engagement shoot after the proposal! This will take some trickery but it can be done! In this case Ezra actually convinced Hannah to dress up for a hike believe it or not!

Whew! Did I forget anything? It takes some planning but it is so worth it! Check out some of Ezra and Hannah's photos from their proposal!

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