Secret Not So Secret

You elope and have plans for a bigger ceremony on a cruise ship to celebrate with everyone..but that gets cancelled. Then you decide on an Elopement Adventure in Hawaii for the following summer (now) and... COVID! So after a year of waiting to announce to the rest of the world that you're married, Shawn and Sara asked me to document! So off we were planning a elopement announcement anniversary session! That's a mouthful!

But the craziness of 2020 for this cute couple didn't end there! With Las Vegas temps quickly rising in the hundreds we had to move our location several times to avoid the heat (and insane wind); and then once we decided on a location, a massive fire torched our beloved Mt. Charleston plans.

We ended up just driving around not knowing where we would end up for our photoshoot, and honestly..maybe that's the way to do it sometimes! The cotton candy skies and green trees did not disappoint; and the only sweat we broke was hiking up a "small" hill. *wink, wink*

Congrats (again!) Shawn and Sara!